Five Ways to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

It can be nearly impossible to keep stains from forming on your teeth.  Even with regular visits to the dentist, stains and discoloration can still build up.  It can be even harder if you smoke or drink a lot of coffee.  With these five natural remedies, you won’t have to let stains and discoloration stop you from showing your smile.  

Baking Soda and Salt

People have used baking soda for years to whiten their teeth.  To see results, mix a little baking soda and salt with water and brush your teeth like you would normally do with toothpaste.  By brushing with this mixture after every meal, you will see whiter teeth after only two months.


Though most berries can cause unsightly discoloration, the acid in strawberries can actually help whiten your teeth.  All you need to do is mash one with a fork until the strawberry becomes a paste and then use it like toothpaste.  Since strawberries contain sugar, which is bad for your teeth, make sure to rinse your mouth out with water afterward to stop cavities from forming.

Electric Toothbrush

Studies have shown that people who brush with electric toothbrushes have healthier teeth with fewer stains.  Electric toothbrushes are effective because they are able to get rid of virtually all plaque build up, which can help stop stains and discoloration from forming on your teeth.  

Eat Apples

It only takes an apple or two everyday to notice a whiter smile.  Apples work because their crunchiness acts as a natural abrasive that will help remove the plaque that causes staining and discoloration.  Make sure to drink a glass of water afterward to rinse your mouth of any sugar left from the apple. 

Olive Oil

After you have finished brushing your teeth, dip your brush into a small cup of olive oil and brush one more time.  The olive oil will make your teeth whiter by killing any bacteria left in your mouth after you’ve brushed.  

You don’t need a series of expensive trips to the dentist to make your teeth look whiter.  It can be achieved easily with natural remedies found around your home.  These remedies, which can include eating apples or brushing your teeth with baking soda, will achieve the same result as an expensive chemical treatment at a dental office.  Before you go to the dentist, try these home remedies first.

Pat Mulford •