Ten Steps to a Healthy Way of Living

Healthy living encompasses every facet of life.  From diet, exercise, family, work, stress, and happiness, true healthy living requires balance.  Even though the journey of life is spent working towards this fruition, it is possible to get a taste of the healthy life right now.  Start on your road to healthy living with these ten steps.

1.  Drink Water

Did you know approximately 50% of the human body is water?  Water is essential for absorbing nutrients, keeping our skin healthy, regulating our body temperature, and so much more.  Replenishing this vital fluid will enable your body to function efficiently thus helping you to feel healthier all day long.

2.  De-stress 

In addition to being an unwanted nuisance in our lives, stress can have significant physical effects on the body.  Elevated heart rate, hypertension, and headaches are common examples of damage done by chronic stress.  Taking steps to de-stress your life will not only ease your mind, but your body too.

3.  Fruits and Vegetables

Eating healthy isn’t just a fad, it encourages consumption of the vital nutrients the body needs to function properly.  Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet is a great start in feeding your body the nutrients it needs for optimal performance.

4.  Be Active

Staying active keeps your metabolism moving, this in turn, keeps your bodily systems working efficiently.  Additionally, keeping muscles toned and joints strong, will lead to an increased quality of daily life.

5.  Be Fulfilled

Although easier said than done, even finding a little fulfillment can lead to a happier you.  Identify what makes you truly happy and make time each day, or week, to make it happen.  Just knowing you have that time coming to you can help brighten your day.

6.  Eat Natural

Processed foods are not natural for the body to digest and use, therefore leading to imbalance.  Replacing processed foods with natural ones will leave you feeling naturally healthy.

7.  Be an Optimist

Did you know people who see the glass as half-full tend to live longer?  Being positive and seeing the bright side eliminates unnecessary stress on your body and mind.

8.  Enjoy Your Company

Surrounding yourself with genuine, positive people will have a positive impact on your life as well.  Your circle should enrich your life and support your endeavors.  Once you find those people, nurture relationships and appreciate each moment.

9.  Enjoy Your Environment

Appreciating the environment, especially the amazing creations nature has to offer, can give you a sense of something bigger.  Putting life in perspective can leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

10.  Enjoy Life!

Life is meant to be lived and that means taking in all the joys life has to offer.  Enjoy everything—in moderation of course—and life will always feel worth living.

Pat Mulford • patmulford013@gmail.com