A Green Art Gallery

Bringing the outdoors inside with some creative art ideas. There are many reasons why indoor gardening has become a popular hobby among gardening enthusiasts. People are choosing apartment living, which limits the space that is available to build a healthy garden. There are healthy garden articles available that give some great tips on creating a garden in the balcony area, but what about options for inside an apartment? The creative use of plants inside the apartment living space can also be a great interior design choice, bringing vibrancy, positive energy and life to any living space. A number of creative indoor art projects involving plants will be presented.

Creating a living, plant-like painting is a clever way of bringing healthy garden living inside. Old painting frames that are lying around can be a good starting point. Remove the back support to frame a standard wall planter and plant fresh leaves. Aromatic plants such as coriander can create a distinctive fragrance to freshen up the living room. A thin box is filled with potting soil, meshed, surrounded by a picture frame and individual succulents can be inserted into the mesh gaps. The choice of succulent plants for these paintings will depend on climate but in general, the Haworthias and Gasteraloes are two varieties that do well indoors. Succulents are a good choice for small individual additions, but there are other indoor hanging garden painting options, depending on climate conditions. Moss and fern arrangements have also been used for these types of paintings. One of the main appeals of this art work design is that there is fun to be had from choosing the best picture frame or even painting it to add individual personality and creativity.

There are other alternative healthy garden ideas to create a living space inside an apartment building, depending on materials available. An unused book shelf can be used, with a collection of indoor pot plants, to create a vertical wall feature. The same could be said for unused kitchen shelves and cabinets. To make a lasting impression on visitors, there are indoor alternatives to traditional planting boxes and pots. Empty wine glasses have been used by some indoor plant enthusiasts, filled with soil and water and filled with smaller plants. Light bulbs, with an opening cut out, can be filled with water and hung in a decorate arrangement, while flower cuttings can be put inside and replaced.

The biggest challenge for healthy garden enthusiasts who want to bring plants indoors is the choice of plants and their sunlight requirements. Nonetheless, there is much enjoyment to be had for using indoor gardening and creating works of art for a living space.

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