Christmas Party Host Gifts

‘Tis the season for Christmas parties, leaving party hosts with a great deal of work to ensure you are entertained. Thank your Christmas party hosts with a small gift that acknowledges the effort they put into the festive occasion. Your gift does not need to be expensive or extravagant. Even a homemade gift will be appreciated by your hosts long after the party is over.

Relaxation Gift Basket

After days or even weeks of preparing for the Christmas party, not to mention other obligations during the holiday season, your hosts are probably due for some relaxation. Create a gift basket to encourage that relaxation. Fill a wicker basket with aromatherapy candles and essential oils that promote relaxation. You can even include a gift certificate to a local spa for a massage, manicure, or pedicure for your hosts to enjoy. Include a note that thanks your hosts for opening up their home to you, and tell them that they are due for some post-holiday downtime.

Personalized Items

If your hosts are willing to throw a party during the busy holiday season, chances are they like to entertain. Arm them with the supplies they need for future parties. A silver tray with the family’s monogram on it is useful for any occasion. They can use it to serve everything from appetizers to cocktails. If you know that your hosts are already planning a New Year’s celebration, give them a melamine platter painted in a festive pattern with their last name on it. These personalized gifts can be used year after year.

Christmas Coffee

Your exhausted hosts might need some coffee to recharge them for the rest of the holiday season. Encourage your party host to relax and enjoy Christmas morning with a thoughtful and easy-to-put together gift. Fill a Christmas coffee mug with some coffee or hot chocolate—look for one with a holiday flavor, such as peppermint. Add a few candy canes to the mug, wrap it in cellophane, and tie it closed with a red ribbon. If you are a baker, add some homemade cookies or fudge, wrapped individually to extend the shelf life.


Your generous hosts are dedicating their time and money to ensure that you enjoy the Christmas season. In return, you can express your appreciation with a creative gift. It’s not about how much money you spend; instead, your thoughtful gift represents a simple thank you.

Pat Mulford •