Home Improvement 101 - Choosing the Right Gutter Materials

Whether you live in a small cabin, a modest bungalow or that mansion on the hill, it is important to choose the right gutters. The gutters on your house perform a vital function by directing water away from the structure, protecting the foundation of your home from the damage that would otherwise take place.

As a homeowner, you have many different choices when it comes to the gutters you install. From the durability of steel and the light weight of aluminum to the classic good looks of copper, you have many ways to keep unwanted water from damaging your home. Choosing the right materials for your gutters can make a huge difference in how well those gutters function and how often they will need to be replaced or serviced.

Steel Gutters – Durable and Practical
Steel gutters are a common sight throughout the country, mainly because they can stand up to many different weather conditions and temperature ranges. One of the many advantages of a steel gutter system is its strength. Steel gutters are very strong, and able to withstand everything from high winds to a heavy accumulation of ice and snow.

The main disadvantage of steel gutters is that they are prone to rust. If you fail to rustproof your gutters properly, you could find yourself replacing them after only a few years, especially if you live in an area where rain, ice and snow are common. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to spray or brush rust protectant on those steel gutters, either before or after they are installed.

Copper Gutters – Classic Good Looks for Handsome Homes
If you consider your home a showplace, you may want to consider adding copper gutters as the finishing touch. Copper gutters have an indisputable visual appeal, and they are sure to get the attention of your neighbors and others who pass by your home.

Copper gutters are also very strong, as strong or stronger than steel, and they have an excellent ability to move water away from the home in an efficient manner. The main downside of a copper gutter system is its cost. Copper gutters cost considerably more than steel or plastic, so you ned to make sure you have enough flexibility in your budget before you begin.

Aluminum Gutters – Ease of Installation
Aluminum gutters are easy to install and very lightweight, making them a favorite choice for do-it-yourself homeowners. If you prefer to install your own gutters, you will have an easier time installing aluminum gutters than either steel or copper.

On the other hand, aluminum gutters are not as strong as those other materials, and that can make them a poor choice for areas prone to high winds and significant snowfall. The accumulation of ice and snow can be enough to damage aluminum gutters, so it is important to check those gutters carefully after every winter storm.

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