Create A Tool Storage Area In Your Garage

If you spend more time looking for your tools than making home repairs, you are not alone. Many homeowners spend a lot of time and money building a solid collection of tools, only to have those tools mysteriously damage just when they are needed the most.

If this scenario sounds familiar, it is time to get serious about storage and organization. Keeping your tools well organized by building a separate tool storage area is the best way to ensure that your hammers, pliers, drills and other items will be right where they should be when the next household emergency strikes.

Build or Buy
Before you get out the tools you can find and start building a tool storage area, you might want to head to the local hardware store or home improvement center first. There are many excellent pre-built tool storage solutions on the market, and they may serve your needs just as well, and just as cheaply, as something you build yourself.

When you go shopping for a tool storage solution, look for one that has pull-out drawers and cubby holes where you can store your various screwdriver and drill attachments. Many of these pre-built storage drawers have separate compartments pre-sized for various attachments, and those drawers can keep your tools organized and make them easier to find when you need them.

Rolling Storage
Whether you build your own tool storage or buy a ready-made solution, it is a good idea to put it on wheels. Many prefab tool storage drawers already have rollers built in, making it easier to get your tools where you need them whenever you wish.

It is also a good idea to look for a prefab unit with plenty of hanging hooks for power cords and small parts. If you build your own tool storage solution, you can build as many hooks and hangers as you wish. Just think about how many hooks you need and build accordingly.

Wall Space
You can make the most of the wall space in your garage or workshop by lining them with pegboard and using it for storage. You can find these pegboards at the local hardware store or home improvement center, and they are generally quite inexpensive to buy .

The beauty of the pegboard solution is that you can use it to store all manner of items, from power cords to screwdrivers. Having a convenient place to store those small items makes it more likely that they will end up back where they belong after each use.

Whether you have hundreds of dollars worth of tools or just a few basic home repair items, having the right storage solution makes it easier to find exactly what you need just when you need it. Start by taking a look at your current storage space, then envision how much better organized your garage or workshop could be.

Pat Mulford •